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The 12-year-old city boy Niilas lives as long as he can recall his father. His Swedish mother Katarina hardly knows him. Father and son have been appointed to eachother for many years and have a close relationship. This summer holiday the shy Niilas must leave - very much against his mind - to Lapland where his mother and her new family live with the Sami, among the reindeer. The reindeer draw is going on and Niilas needs to help out a bit. But what should he do there? Despite the warm welcome, Niilas reacts very reluctantly. The only one who slowly comes closer to him is his new sister Sunnà. When a reindeer is missing, they make an exciting trip together in search of the reindeer, where an impressive moose crosses Niilas' road on the most unexpected moments. Quietly, Niilas discovers his roots, which prove to be stronger than he had ever imagined. Opposed to all expectations, Niilas experiences the most adventurous summer of his life.