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Class Dismissed

13 x 15 minutes

'Class Dismissed' is a sequel to 'Children of  Waterland' and is based on the same concept. The main characters are all in the same class. This time the school is not situated in a village (like in Children of Waterland) but in a big city. Each episode starts with the same situation; the children leave school after a hard day work and are on their way home. In each episode you will see what the main characters see and do on their way home. One of the kids visits his grandmother, another finds a wallet and another has to bury his guinea pig.



Screenplay: Tamara Bos
Director: Ben Sombogaart
Broadcaster: AVRO
D.O.P.: Jules van de Steenhoven
Executive Producer: Evelien Jansen
Gaffer: Jacco Post
Sound: Erik Langhout
Production design: Michel de Graaf
Costume Design: Vera de Jong en Monice Petit
Make-up & Hair: Iris Bakker
Editor: Herman P. Koerts
Sound Design: Peter Flamman
Music: Karel von Kleist:


Cahit Olmez
Ariane Schluter
Anita Barends
Thea Breederveld
Rob van Houten
Con Meijer
Marijke Vleugelers
Pieter van Huis
Charlotte Fontijn
Jeffrey Spalburg


1996 - 1st price category up to 7 years Fiction - Prix Jeunesse (Germany)
1996 - Winner Kleine Kinderkast  Competition - Cinekid (The Netherlands)
1996 - Winner ' Golden Statuette' - Dutch Academy Awards (The Netherlands)
1997 - Rocky Award - Banff (Canada)
1999 -  LIRA Screenplay Award for Tamara Bos (The Netherlands)