Catalog / TV / Ibbeltje



Director Ben Sombogaart
Year 2003
Genre Family (6+)
Length 6 x 25 min.


Ibbeltje is a regular girl. Not too naughty, not too sweet. Not very wild, not very calm. She lives in a quiet town with her mother, her anxious father and their cats Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. One day Ibbeltje's mother climbs into a tree because she got scared of a dog. Because of this, Ibbeltje discovers that her mother used to be a cat. She wants to know everything about it, but her mum and dad are avoiding her questions.



Screenplay: Maarten Lebens
Director: Ben Sombogaart
Broadcaster: AVRO
D.O.P.: Remko Schnorr
Executive Producer: Sabine Veenendaal
Gaffer: Daan de Boer
Sound: Coen Gravendaal
Production design: Michel de Graaf
Costume Design: Vera de Jong en Zita Winnubst
Make-up & Hair: Hennesien van Walderveen
Editor: Herman P. Koerts
Sound Design: Peter Flamman
Music: Johan Hoogeboom en Arie van der Wulp



Denise van Es
Annet Malherbe
Kees Hulst
Chris Bolczek
Leny Breederveld


2004 - Nominated for Golden Calf Best TV Drama - Netherlands Film Festival (The Netherlands
2004 - Nominated for Kinderkast Competition - Cinekid (The Netherlands)