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Kika & Bob and the flight of the pigeon

In ‘Kika & Bob and the flight of the pigeon’ Kika & Bob travel the world in search of Tilly, Miss Haakmans prizewinning show-pigeon. It is animated comedy at its very best – fast-paced, colourful, with very original, distinctive designs, great scripts and a top voice-cast. Kika’s cat Tiger has scared the living daylights out of Tilly, Miss Haakmans’ world-famous prizewinning show-pigeon.The pigeon flew away in a panic and has disappeared without a trace. Miss Haakmans is furious and ‘cat-naps’ Tiger. Kika will only get Tiger back if she finds Tilly and brings her back home safely. Kika and Bob go on their mission around the world, assisted by locals, in countries where Tilly has been seen. Every time they get close to catching Tilly, she flies away and escapes again. Meanwhile in Waterloo, Miss Haakmans tries to re-educate Tiger and teach him some manners. In turn, Tiger tries to make her life as miserable as possible. Will Kika and Bob catch Tilly and return to Waterloo to save Tiger from Miss Haakmans?


Director: Paul de Blick & Yannick Zanchetta

Producers: Submarine in co-production with Superprod (France) and Walking the Dog (Belgium)

Involved Broadcasters: NTR, RTBF, Ketnet, Canal+, TéléTOON, DR

Length: 26 x 11 minutes

Release: January 2014