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'Otje' tells the story about the eight-year-old Otje and her easily agitated father Tos. They live in the attic of the, almost bankrupt, hotel 'De Koperwiek', where Tos has a job as a cook. Otje is a boyish girl that loves to play outside. She’s got a secret tree-house and is friends with Betsy the cat, Boef the dog and all the birds in the forest. Tos is a bit sceptic about Otje's relationships with animals and doesn't believe that she has the ability to communicate with them. 

Otje and her father Tos have a lot of adventures. One day, they are forced to leave their small apartment in the ‘Koperwiek’, the place where Otje loves to live. In the end, it all turns out fine. They find their way back to the hotel by buying it. Now she can live her life like it was before, and has her old animal friends back!

Year 1998
Age AL
Length 13 x 25 minutes


Screenplay: Tamara Bos
Director: Simone van Dusseldorp en Joram Lürsen
Broadcaster: AVRO
D.O.P.: Onno van der Wal
Executive Producer: Debby de Jong
Gaffer: Wietze Vos
Sound: Rik Meier en Leo Franssen
Production design: Anet Wilgenhof
Costume Design: Moos Petit
Make-up & Hair: Saskia Ellemeet
Editor: Peter Alderliesten en Herman P. Koerts
Sound Design: Peter Flamman
Music: Johan Hoogeboom en Maarten van Roozendaal


Anne Rats
Nico de Vries
Freek van Muiswinkel
Bea Meulman
Peter Bolhuis
Joost Prinsen
Carol van Herwijnen
Koen Franse


1999 - Golden Statue - Dutch Academy Awards (The Netherlands)
1999 - Nominated Kinderkast Competition - Cinekid (The Netherlands)